What we have done

Since 1971, Les Winton has undertaken close to 1,000 social and market research assignments for government, industrial and commercial organisations throughout Australia, including some of the largest (and smallest) research studies conducted here. When he founded Artcraft Research in 1981, Les decided to specialise in communications, marketing and social research and community consultation throughout Australia and New Zealand for the three tiers of government as well as quasi-government and not-for-profit organisations, plus a small number of relevant commercial and industrial projects. The following list outlines the main areas in which we have undertaken extensive research:

  • Energy Efficiency, Greenhouse, Demand Management and Public Utilities
  • The Environment, Climate Change, Water Resources
  • Planning, Urban Development
  • Housing, Sustainability, Adaptation
  • Local Government and Territory Matters
  • Labour Market, Unemployment and Income Support Issues
  • Educational, Training and Youth Issues
  • Health, Ageing, Caring and Disability Issues
  • Consumer Protection and Appeals, and Ethics
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Taxation, Accounting, Legal, Banking and Insurance
  • Information Technology (IT), Computers and Software Public Policy, Public Affairs and Public Participation



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