What we have done:

K. Other Projects (since 2000)

  • Infrastructure for Sustainable Growth: A statistical overview of remote Indigenous communitie sand infrastructure, prepared for Infrastructure Australia – June 2011

  • Bushfire Emergency Communications, Report on a Telephone Survey of Awareness and Attitudes During the Summer of 2010-11, for the ACT Emergency Services Agency, April 2011

  • Research to guide the 50+Network Service pilot in the Weston Creek region under taken for the ACT Department of Land and Property Services – September 2010 onward
  • Attitudes to Bill Posters: Undertaken as part of the May 2009CRSMS for Parks Conservation and Lands Territory and Municipal Services – May 2009

  • Community Attitudes to Health and Related Issues: A communications research study conducted for ACT Health, following up on one conducted in 2005 – February 2009

  •  Attitudes to Licensed Clubs: Undertaken as part of the February 2009CRSMS for ACT Planning and Land Authority – February 2009

  • Horse Parks: Several assessments of the survey process for measuring user attitudes to the management of horse parks in the ACT – July 2008; 2007; 2006

  • Fireworks in the ACT: A study among consumer and industry to explore options and to further inform policy development and guide communications activities – ACT Chief Minister’s Department – February 2008; Oct 2007
  • Calvary Hospital: A benchmark study involving both qualitative and quantitative research for a major communications campaign – Calvary Hospital – June 2007

  • National Seniors: A major study among ‘Baby Boomers’ to assess priorities for future advocacy on behalf of this major population grouping – National Seniors, Canberra Policy Unit – May 2007

  • New Arrival Registration of Change of Address with Medicare: Research to inform a communications campaign, for the ACT Chief Minister’s Department – March 2007

  • ACT Seniors Card: A study to assess awareness, attitudes and usage regarding the ACT Seniors Card, to assist in further development of the services and facilities it covers  ACT Government (Chief Minister’s Department) — January 2006

  • Community Attitudes to Health and Related Issues: A communications research study conducted for ACT Health – June 2005

  • Asbestos Assessment Team: Various studies to assess perceptions and reactions of the community, real estate agencies and the building industry to the asbestos assessment process, its effects and suggestions for improvement — ACT Chief Minister’s Department, Asbestos Assessment Team – May 2005; Jan 2005

  • Carers Australia: Various studies, including a research-based evaluation of the National Carer Counselling Program across Australia – Carers Australia, July 2004; 2003
  • The Strategic Priorities Program (SPP): An evaluation of client satisfaction with purchasing arrangements for the SPP, conducted for the Training and Adult Education Branch – ACT Department of Education, Youth and Family Services, June 2004.
  • DITR Intranet: Provision of advice and consultancy for an internal evaluation of the Department’s Intranet – Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, June 2004.

  • Elder Abuse: A study to assess community and stakeholder awareness, understanding, and attitudes concerning elder abuse in the ACT, in order to inform development of a communication strategy – Office of Ageing, ACT Chief Minister’s Department, October 2003 onwards

  • PictureAustralia – A Service of the National Library of Australia: An on-line study to identify user characteristics and their usage of and attitudes to the service, to support development of a Communications Strategy – National Library of Australia, October 2003.

  • Defence Internal Communications: Evaluating various aspects of the communications roll-out of DMO's Materiel Policy and Services process initiatives within the Department, in conjunction with Paterson Media and Marketing and Barclay Consulting – Department of Defence, March 2003 onwards.

  • Small Business in the ACT: A Survey of small businesses in the ACT, to gain an insight into their characteristics the nature and scale of their business activities, their use of technology, the effects of the January fires on their businesses, and their growth plans for the future – BusinessACT – May 2003

  • Combating Vandalism at Schools: A study to assess community views about vandalism at schools and possible solutions, including erecting perimeter fencing – ACT Department of Education, Youth and Family Services, March 2003.

  • ICT Skills Awareness Campaign: Concept testing of advertising material on behalf of the ICT Skills Unit, Office of Information Technology, NSW Department of Information Technology and Management, September 2002.

  •  Consumers’ Health Forum: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the consumer representatives concept, in association with Chalkley Consulting – Department of Health and Ageing – Dec 2001 to April 2002



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