What we have done:

J. Sustainable Transport (since 2000)

  • Cycling in Canberra, Report on a Telephone Survey, for the ACT Government Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate Transport Planning Unit November 2011

  • Real Time Passenger Information System for Action Buses, Report providing Analysis of Results of Online Survey among Canberra Residents, Prepared for Territory and Municipal Services Directorate, ACT Government, September 2011

  • Real Time Passenger Information System for Action Buses, Report on Focus Groups among key stakeholders, Prepared for Territory and Municipal Services Directorate, ACT Government, August 2011

  • Walk21 ‘Make Walking Count Survey undertaken for the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services – November-December 2010

  • Sustainable Transport Options in South-East Queensland: An evaluation of various options and strategies for transporting a range of recreational, tourism, business and conference groups around the region on an ongoing basis – for a major tourism and transport operator – September 2008

  • The Views of Stakeholders of the TravelSmart Program: part of a major national series of consultations to investigate the views of government, industry and community stakeholders concerning the Advancing Energy Efficiency and Local Greenhouse Action Programs, for the Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage – Feb - May 2007

  • Intentions versus Behaviours – Social Change: A project attempting to sustain behaviour change in favour of greener transport alternatives (ie, walk, bike or bus vs drive) in Brisbane – for a management consulting group on behalf of transport operators – June 2006

  • Green Bike Lanes Strategy: A number of studies of community behaviour and attitudes concerning the introduction of green bike lanes at veering intersections in the ACT, after some communications activity – Department of Urban Services, ACT – 2003; 2004

  •  TravelSmart Staff Survey: An Internet-based survey of attitudes and behaviour of staff of ACTPLA regarding travel to and from work, – ACT Planning and Land Authority, to inform development of a TravelSmart strategy for the organisation – November 2004

  • Motor Vehicle Registration: A study among vehicle owners to examine their views and behaviour regarding the motor vehicle registration process, payment options and processes, and related issues – Canberra Connect – March 2004.

  • The Canberra Spatial Plan: A number of major studies on Canberrans’ perception of Canberra and their desires and suggestions for its future planning and development, with reference to the January bush fires Planning and Land Management (PALM), ACT Government, August 2003; 2002



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