What we have done:

G. Recycling (since 2000)

  • Household Recycling in Rural Communities: A study across regional and rural areas of Queensland, SA and WA to monitor household behaviour regarding recycling and reuse of a range of containers – for a packaging industry member – August 2008

  • Household Recycling in Canberra: Benchmark and Follow-up monitoring studies for a communications campaign – ACT NOWaste and Thiess Services – Jul 2008; Feb 2007

  • Community Awareness, Attitudes and Behaviour Regarding a Range of Sustainability Concepts: A major study in the ACT ranging across energy efficiency, the environment, global warming and climate change, water resources, household recycling, sustainable transport, household retrofitting of water and energy efficient appliances – ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services – June 2007

  • ACT NOWaste by 2010 Strategy: Regular monitorings of community awareness and behaviour, after some communications activity – ACT NOWaste – June 2006; from 2004



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